Transfer Staff to Canada

Transfer Staff to Canada

Relocate to a Canadian branch office or subsidiary.

The Intra-Company Transfer program enables multi-national companies with a presence in Canada to transfer staff to their Canadian location. The staff being transferred must be executives, senior managers or employees with specialized knowledge of the company’s products or services:

Executives – occupy the highest levels of a company’s management structure, and are integral to the organization’s international leadership. Executives establish the goals and priorities of the organization and receive only general supervision from higher level executives.

Senior Managers – manage the organization or a large function of the organization. They supervise the work of other supervisory or managerial employees and exercise discretion over day-to-day operations.

Specialized Knowledge Workers – possess skills, expertise, and company knowledge that is integral to the functioning of an organization. Applicants must demonstrate special knowledge of the Canadian enterprise’s product, equipment, service or management or an advanced level of knowledge in the organization’s processes and procedures.


An employee must have been working for the company in a similar capacity for at least one-year.

The proposed employee must be offered a salary in Canada that meets or exceeds the “prevailing wage” for their occupation.

The Canadian business will have to demonstrate a qualifying relationship with its foreign counterpart – e.g. parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate.

Intra Company Transfer Start-Up Visa

The Intra Company Transfer Start-Up visa program is a great option for international companies seeking to establish a presence in North America.

Foreign businesses wishing to establish a Canadian enterprise may use the Intra Company Transfer Start-Up Visa program to bring key workers to the country to open a new office and begin doing business.

When applying for an Intra Company Transfer Start-Up visa, applicants must demonstrate their company’s ability to become established in Canada. They will have to provide evidence of their ability to finance start-up operations, as well as outline plans for staffing and doing business in Canada. Applicants must prove that they are in the process of securing physical premises.

It is important to demonstrate that those individuals who are transferred to Canada are truly a benefit to the Canadian economy, and that they possess critical knowledge that is essential to start-up operations.


The Intra Company Transfer program is a popular option for international businesses, as it enables companies to quickly address their staffing needs and global expansion plans.

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