PR Card Renewal

PR Card Renewal

Understanding residency obligations inside and outside Canada.

Many Canadian immigration categories result in the direct award of permanent residence such as:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker
  2. Federal Skilled Trades
  3. Quebec Investor Visa
  4. Select Provincial Entrepreneur Programs
  5. Startup Visa
  6. Spouse/Common-Law Partner

Other categories such as the Intra-Company Transfer, Study Permit, Temporary Work Permit and the Working Holiday Visa enable an applicant to enter Canada for between one and three years in most cases and then transition to permanent residence through a provincial immigration category or the Canadian Experience Class.

Residency Obligations

Once a person has secure permanent residence, they will be issued with a permanent residence card which will be valid for a period of five years. You must physically reside inside Canada for two years within this five year period. There are four exceptions to this rule including where a person is working outside Canada for a Canadian company or where they are accompanying a Canadian citizen abroad who is their spouse or common-law partner. 

We are often contacted by clients in the following situations:

  1. Where they are in breach of their residency obligations, 
  2. Where they do not have the required proof of permanent resident status, 
  3. Where an exception to the requirement to physically reside in Canada, applies to them,
  4. Where they renounced or are thinking of renouncing their permanent resident status, &
  5. Where they did not know that they held permanent resident status. 

Our Services

Permanent Residence is highly sought after and should always be maintained where possible. We always encourage clients to apply for Canadian citizenship where possible in order to avoid having to continuously meet the residency obligation with respect to each five-year period.

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