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Canadian Business Immigration

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With friendly business regulations, competitive tax environment, easy access to the American and Pacific Rim markets, an educated workforce and renowned legal and financial systems, Canada is one of the most attractive destinations in the world for entrepreneurs to set up and grow their businesses.

Canadian Entrepreneur Visa Process

The majority of Canada’s thirteen provinces have their own entrepreneur visa programs. Therefore, you would need to assess the requirements in your intended destination in Canada. Provincial Entrepreneur Programs involve a minimum of seven stages:  

  1. An Exploratory Visit to your intended destination,
  2. Submission of Expression of Interest,
  3. Invitation to Apply for a Provincial Nomination Certificate,
  4. Submission of Application for Nomination Certificate, 
  5. Interview with a representative from the Provincial Immigration Office, 
  6. Nomination by the Province and signing of a binding Performance Agreement, and
  7. Submission to the Federal Government for a two-year work permit or permanent residence depending on the Province.

Canadian Entrepreneur Visa Requirements

If you are keen to set up a business in Canada or wish to invest in an existing business, you will need to meet the following requirements, depending on the location where you intend to invest:

  • Be able to invest a minimum of $150,000,
  • Have a minimum of 3 years business ownership or senior managerial experience,
  • Submit a detailed business plan and financial statements,
  • Score sufficient points on the applicable provincial points grid,
  • Intend to invest your money into a viable Canadian business,
  • Intend to actively manage the business and sign a performance agreement,
  • Pass the genuine entrepreneur test which involves an assessment of your background, business plan, job creation and supporting evidence. In some circumstances, an interview may be required.

Our Services

Our inward investment team includes accountants, lawyers and international tax specialists who are experts in drafting persuasive business plans for Canadian immigration purposes.

In addition to preparing a persuasive business plans, strong immigration applications and legal submissions, our team will ascertain if there are wider tax issues you should be aware of ahead of any move to Canada. We will also ensure that you structure and incorporate your company correctly and provide ongoing support including audits and compliance checks.

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