Canadian Visas for Authors and Writers

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Canadian Immigration for Authors and Writers

Self-employed authors who research and write books, scripts, storyboards, plays, essays, speeches, manuals, specifications and other non-journalistic articles for publication or presentation, may qualify for Canadian permanent residence. 

Qualifying for a Canadian Visa for Authors and Writers

To qualify for a Canadian visa for authors and writers, you must prove that you have 2 years’ relevant self-employment experience as an author or writer in the 5-years immediately preceding the date of decision of your application (see below for a list of eligible job titles).

You must demonstrate that you have the intention and ability to become self-employed in Canada. You must also be ready to produce pardons and waivers of Canada if that is your circumstance. This is the most important element of this program and one that applicants completely overlook. A person’s financial assets may be a measure of intent and ability to establish self-employment in Canada.

Applicants are also assessed based on their education, experience, age, language ability, adaptability and ability to become established in Canada.

Significant Contribution

Applicants must not only meet the tests of experience, the regulatory definition of a self-employed author or writer, the tests of intention and ability to become self-employed, they must also meet the test of significant contribution to Canada. This test ensures that frivolous or weak applications will be refused.

Benefits of Canadian Immigration for Authors and Writers

  • A job offer is not required.
  • No conditions on your status.
  • No need to purchase or establish a business before arrival in Canada
  • If successful, you and your family members will be granted Canadian Permanent Residence.
  • Fast processing time from the United Kingdom – 12 months or less.

Processing Time

Sterling immigration can secure experienced actors Canadian permanent residence within 12 months through the Canadian High Commission in London.

Eligible Occupations 

The list of eligible occupations includes several related job titles. If you have 2 years self-employed experience in one of the occupations below you may qualify for Canadian permanent residence:

  • ad writer
  • advertising copywriter
  • advertising writer
  • author
  • biographer
  • copywriter
  • crossword puzzle maker
  • designer and script writer
  • dialogue writer
  • dubbing dialogue writer
  • essayist
  • feature writer
  • fiction writer
  • game, CD-ROM or Web critic
  • ghost writer
  • handbook writer
  • help file developer
  • humorist-author
  • interactive media writer
  • lexicographer
  • literary writer
  • manual writer
  • medical writer
  • multimedia author
  • multimedia script writer
  • multimedia writer
  • new media writer
  • novelist
  • on-line reference developer
  • playwright
  • poet
  • programmed-instruction writer
  • publicity writer
  • radio writer
  • rewriter
  • scientific writer
  • screen writer
  • script and dialogue writer
  • script writer
  • self-instruction manual writer
  • serial story writer
  • serial writer
  • short story writer
  • specifications writer
  • specifications writer (except construction)
  • speech writer
  • sports writer – novels and books
  • standards writer
  • storyboarder
  • support materials writer
  • technical writer
  • technical writer – aeronautics
  • technical writer – chemical processing
  • technical writer – electronics equipment
  • technical writer – pharmaceutical industry
  • teleplay writer, screenwriter
  • television writer
  • writer
  • writer, advertising
  • writer, fiction
  • writer, handbooks
  • writer, interactive media
  • writer, multimedia
  • writer, new media
  • writer, self-instruction manuals
  • writer, short stories
  • writer, speeches

Canadian Immigration for Authors and Writers. 

If you have 2 years self-employed experience in one of the occupations listed above we would like to hear from you.


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Harjit Grewal was born and educated in the United Kingdom where he obtained his LLB (Bachelor of Law) and LLM (Master of Law). He practiced British immigration law for seven years with the respected Immigration Advisory Service as a member of the Law Society of England & Wales and the Office for the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). After moving to Canada he secured the prestigious ICCRC designation to provide authorized Canadian visa and immigration services.


  1. I’m a US citizen living in California. I’m a fulltime fiction writer with c. 22 books published on Amazon. I earn about 60k USD per month and will do that if living in Canada. I’d like to find out about PR. It’s just my wife and I and three little dogs. I’m 76 years old; my wife is 63.

  2. I am an writer and illustrator of story books for children that has been poblished in iran. Could i get Canadian immigration for authers and writers

  3. I have never published, but I have written and completed 2 books and have sketches for 3 more. My reasons for not publishing are fear of piracy and the govt. My stories are fictitious and mainly tackle the reality around me ie govt hypocrisy. I want to write from a safe country without fearing for my life or that of my kids.

  4. I was deported from the U.S. However since then I have turned my life around, graduated from university and written two novels. Would it be possible to get a visa to come to Canada as a established author? I have family living in Canada along with my mother.

  5. I am a housewife and a writer who just published my first book, August 2017. I am spreading awareness regarding all crimes against women in India. I live in amritsar. Can I get a Canadian visa so that I will also be able to write. I don’t have a heavy pocket but know all kinds of works. I raise voice against Rape and all crimes against women. Can I go there?

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