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Book a consultation with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in the U.K.

Our In-Depth Legal Advice Process

Our Canadian immigration advice process usually follows the following pattern:

  1. You complete our free Case Evaluation Form or Contact Form.
  2. We reply within 24 hours if your profile has legal merits and schedule a consultation.
  3. Alternatively, you may proceed to book a consultation directly  if you have specific Canadian immigration questions which need answering.  
Please note that your initial consultation fee will be credited towards our legal fees should you wish to instruct us to prepare your Canadian immigration application.  You are under no obligation to hire Sterling Immigration to prepare your Canadian immigration application. 
Reasons to Book a Canadian Immigration Consultation

We strongly recommend booking an in-depth Canadian immigration consultation in the following circumstances:

  1. If you have complicated personal circumstances,
  2. If you are unsure whether you qualify for a Canadian visa,
  3. If you need specific questions answering about a particular Canadian immigration category,
  4. If you require advice regarding the evidence required in support of your application and the format that the Canadian government require it to be in,  and
  5. If you are unsure how the Canadian immigration process actually works and how the Canadian government assess, rank and select applicants.
What will happen during my Canadian Immigration Consultation?

Whether the session is in-person or by telephone, you will receive professional legal advice from a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC License Number R507916).

Your dedicated Canadian Immigration Consultant will;

  • Take detailed instructions from you and evaluate your personal characteristics, 
  • Assess your eligibility to emigrate to Canada across all Canadian immigration programs,
  • Provide tailored advice on the options available to you and identify the most suitable Canadian visa option,
  • Advise you on the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Rules and how they apply to your case,
  • Advise you regarding the relevant quotas for your best Canadian visa option and required ranking points,
  • Discuss and advise regarding the relevant application forms, procedures, fees and timescales, 
  • Advise on the documentation required in support of your application and their specified format,
  • Identify possible issues of concern and suggest strategies to increase your prospects of success,  
  • Provide a  fixed-fee price quote for our full Canadian immigration application service,  and
  • Provide written confirmation of our legal advice following the consultation. 
Personal Consultation

Sterling Immigration offer personal consultations at our offices in Birmingham and London in the U.K. 

Telephone Consultation

If you are unable to attend one of our offices for a personal consultation, a detailed telephone consultation can be the most cost-effective method for obtaining immediate answers to your Canadian immigration questions. Telephone consultations are available during some evenings and on Saturdays for people who are busy at work. 

Find a time that's best for you

To book a consultation use our simple online calendar tool below to find a time that works best for your schedule. Simply choose the time and day you wish to speak to our experts, pay online and connect with us in-person or by telephone. We will answer all your questions and start you on your way to making a successful Canadian immigration application.

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