In order to address the issue of fraud against clients, the Canadian authorities refuse to accept cases from agents and companies who are not licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Unlicensed immigration agents who are not members of ICCRC act in violation of Canadian law.

How Do I Verify Whether My Representative is a Member of the ICCRC?

An ICCRC member will have a license number which starts with an “R” and is followed by 6 digits. Our license number is R507916. It is very important that you ask your representative to provide you with this 6-digit number and you should verify membership using the ICCRC search tool.

If you instruct a representative to prepare and submit your application, you and they must complete and sign the Use of Representative Form (IMM 5476). Failure to do so constitutes misrepresentation and will result in you being banned from entering Canada for 5 years.

Sterling Immigration Ltd are recognised as authorized representatives by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (ICCRC # R507916).

ICCRC Code of Conduct

As ICCRC members we are duty bound to comply with a professional code of conduct and ethics. As part of our professional and ethical obligation we will not give you false expectations and will not submit an application which does not have a good chance of success.

In contrast, many UK based unauthorised agents often make false promises and provide guarantees in order to secure your business. Instructing an unauthorised agent can have dire consequences. These include:

  1. No insurance cover or financial compensation in the event that your file is refused due to their negligence,
  2. Automatic refusal of your file for misrepresentation due to failure to submit a Use of Representative Form,
  3. Not knowing the status of your application or appeal as unauthorised agents are not allowed to liaise with the Canadian authorities on your behalf.

UK Immigration Lawyers

Please note that Lawyers or Immigration Consultants licensed in the United Kingdom by the OISC or the Law Society of England and Wales may not act as legal representatives in Canadian immigration cases.


Under no circumstances should an unlicensed immigration agent be hired for a Canadian immigration case.  Anyone who instructs an unregistered immigration consultant does so at their own risk. In particular beware of U.K. based agents falsely claiming to be members of the ICCRC.

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