Secure Irish Permanent Residence.

Passive 5-year investment in an Irish Enterprise.
Guaranteed Annual Dividends.
Applicant, spouse and children can work or study at world class institutes in Ireland.
Flexible residency requirement of 1-day each year to maintain permanent resident status. 





Programme Highlights:

* 5-year €500,000 investment + administration / legal fees of €88,000 – financing available, upon approval
* Annual dividend of €10,000 for the first 3 years, increasing to €20,000 in years 4 and 5
* Applicant, spouse and children (24 and under) will obtain residency in Ireland in 4-8 months
* Generous residency requirement of just 1 day per year
* After 5 years you do not need to maintain any investment and will receive 5-year extensions of your permanent residence card indefinitely provided you visit Ireland for 1 day each year.



*Fast processing time (4 to 8 months)
*Simple documentation requirements
*No English language ability requirement
* The EU’s fastest growing economy
*No requirements regarding age, education or business experience
* Residency status in an English-speaking EU country
* A world class education system for your children
* A safe, stable country, renowned for its excellent quality of life
* A dynamic environment to launch your own European business or invest in an existing business
* Secure Irish citizenship after 5 years, giving you visa-free access to over 170 countries around the world
*Great alternative to the UK Tier 1 Investor Program


Our Services

 *Advice and representation on making an eligible investment in Ireland.
*Complete Irish investor visa representation


Irish Investor Program