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Canada grants permanent residents emigrating to join a spouse, partner or relative through the Canada spouse visa category.

There are different rules depending on whether the Sponsor is a Canadian permanent resident or Canadian citizen and whether they are currently residing inside or outside Canada.

Canada provides a welcoming environment for families to unite and start a life in Canada. Canadian immigration law is very flexible in providing inland and overseas sponsorship options so that you do not have to live apart from your loved ones for an extended period of time.

However, it is important to understand the differences between applying for sponsorship of your spouse or partner Inland or Overseas as the processing times and rules pertaining to each route vary quite dramatically. 

Genuine Relationship Test

The key issue in Canada spouse visa is proving that the relationship is genuine and was not entered into for the purposes of acquiring status in Canada. To prove that a relationship is genuine we present your file in a clear linear fashion so that there is no room for doubt in the visa officer’s mind. We recommend that a spouse visa application package contain a minimum of 150 pages of supporting evidence to ensure a successful outcome.

We also draft detailed affidavits from the couple and family members attesting to the development of the relationship.

Canada Spouse Visa Package

Our Canada spouse visa package includes the following:

  • Detailed personal or telephone consultation,
  • Advice regarding evidentiary requirements,
  • Detailed eligibility assessment of the Canadian sponsor,
  • Assessment of the relationship to ensure it meets the definition of common-law,
  • Admissibility assessment for the foreign national,
  • Guidance and representation with security and medical clearances,
  • Completion of all legal forms and statutory declarations,
  • Drafting of affidavits detailing the chronology of the relationship,
  • Detailed legal submissions including all case law and policies in support of the application,
  • Interview preparation at the Canadian High Commission where necessary,
  • Tracking the status of your file and liaising with CIC until visa issuance, and
  • Advice regarding post-landing procedures and residency obligations.
Advice for Spousal Sponsorship Applicants

Thorough preparation, persuasive representations and an extensive bundle of supporting documents can lead to much faster processing times by the Canadian Embassy. We regularly secure Canada spouse visas within 6 months of submission through the Canadian High Commission in London.

We will advise you regarding the financial requirements, medical and security clearances and supporting documents required to ensure a successful outcome.

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