If you would like to apply for a Canada skilled worker visa then you need to bear in mind several factors. Canadian Skilled Worker Visa

Canada Skilled Worker visa is the most popular Canadian immigration program. If successful you and your family members will be granted  permanent resident visas. The benefit of Canadian Permanent Residence is that there are no conditions attached to your stay in Canada. You are free to live and work where you choose. 


Canada Skilled Worker Visa Requirements

To qualify you must have at least one-year of full time work experience in a skilled occupation. Skilled occupations are those jobs which are classed as managerial, technical and professional occupations under the Canadian National Occupational Classification. Each province has it’s own list of in-demand occupations based on it’s labour market needs.

Points Grid

You must meet the minimum points criteria for the Canada skilled worker visa program in order to be eligible for Express Entry. Qualifying for the Canada skilled worker visa program is a pre-requisite to being eligible to apply to many of the provincial skilled worker programs. Your points total (and the strength of your application) will depend on a number of your personal factors and adaptability criteria including:

Personal Factors

  • Age;
  • Occupation;
  • Length of work experience
  • Education
  • Family situation (marital status, children etc);
  • Language ability (English/French);
  • Personal net worth/debts;
  • Immigration history;
  • Medical history;
  • Criminal inadmissibility; and
  • Previous visa refusals or credibility issues

Adaptability Factors

  • Job offer from a Canadian employer;
  • Valid Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA);
  • LMIA exemption;
  • Whether your occupation is regulated in Canada;
  • Provincial/Federal licensing process;
  • Education credential evaluation;
  • Spouses’ language ability (English/French);
  • Settlement Funds/Investments in Canada
  • Previous employment in Canada;
  • Previous study in Canada, and
  • Relatives who are Canadian PR’s or Citizens.

Express Entry

Once you meet the required points threshold for the federal skilled worker visa your application will then be assessed against the Express Entry Points Grid.

Canadian employers, Provinces and territories are now key partners in the Express Entry program. An LMIA validated offer of employment or a Provincial Nominee Certificate are crucial to your chances of securing an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.

I Want to Apply for a Canada Skilled Worker Visa!

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